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UNC-PrimeCare4Youth is a federally funded program available to final-year MSW students in the Direct Practice concentration. The program prepares trainees with skills needed to work on interprofessional teams providing behavioral health services to children, adolescents, and their families. Trainees will take our program-specific course and attend workshops focused on topics including trauma-informed care, cultural and linguistic competency, suicide prevention, digital behavioral health, and community engagement. MSW students will train alongside master’s-level students in school counseling and clinical rehabilitation/mental health programs. Our funders, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), award a $10,000 stipend to every trainee in order to reduce financial barriers to participation and learning. This program will be offered through 2025. Requirements include:

  • Being a direct practice final-year MSW student
  • Completing a field placement in an approved field site serving children, adolescents, and their families (e.g., schools, child welfare agencies, and pediatric health care sites)
  • Taking EDUC 890 (a 1.5 credit course offered in the fall semester that satisfies an elective credit)
  • Attending two supplemental seminars/workshops
  • Completing 6 hours of independent learning
  • Completing brief standardized assessment measures from the PrimeCare4Youth project team
  • Producing a capstone project at the end of the academic year

UNC-PrimeCare4 Youth is modeled after previous UNC School of Social Work PrimeCare initiatives that are no longer funded. However, students who had hoped to participate in these programs have options as described below.

UNC PrimeCare

UNC PrimeCare students interested in pursuing expertise in integrated health care across the life course can still participate in the UNC-PrimeCare program as a waiver student. While there is not funding available for stipends, students benefit by gaining experience working in collaborative settings while learning about integrated behavioral health care with underserved populations. Students can highlight UNC-PrimeCare on their resumes and will receive a certificate of completion. The application for the UNC-PrimeCare waiver student programs can be found here. Requirements include:

  • Being a direct practice final year MSW student
  • Completing a field placement in an approved integrated health care site
  • Taking SOWO 741, Integrated Behavioral Health Care with Underserved Populations (this 1.5 credit course satisfies an elective credit) and/or SOWO 845, Health: Theory and Practice (this 3.0 credit course satisfies the theory/practice course requirement)
  • Taking SOWO 836, Healthy Access and Health Disparities (1.5 credits) OR SOWO 831, Substance Use and Addiction Policy (1.5 credits). Both courses satisfy the required advanced policy course.
  • Attending two supplemental trainings focused on topics specific to integrated health care


While participants in UNC-PrimeCare-OUD no longer receive a stipend, students interested in developing their expertise in behavioral health specifically focused on substance use disorders and addiction can still pursue the Substance Use and Addictions Specialist (SUAS) program.