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2014/15 academic year UNC-PrimeCare trainee

Michelle Stoisits“I am currently a behavioral health coordinator and clinician working in an integrated care setting at a Pediatric Primary Care office in Greensboro. In this position, I work with the doctors, nurses, and other social workers to provide care that encompasses the patient’s mental and emotional well-being in addition to their physical care. This includes providing brief therapy (up to 6 sessions) as well as referrals to community agencies for more on-going care and connections to community resources.

The PrimeCare program helped prepare me by providing seminars during which integrated-care specific topics were addressed. From more basic information including a vocabulary I now employ to explain integrated care to increased knowledge about medications to role-plays which pushed me to think about how to process and react in certain situations, I use the knowledge gained from the seminars in my current position.

The biggest piece of advice I would like to share is to have confidence in your abilities upon graduation. This program helps you build valuable skills that you will be able to employ in your career and connects you to people that will be able to provide support and advice going forward.”

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