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2016/17 academic year UNC-PrimeCare trainee

Kadijah GrantKadijah Grant works in a hybrid role with the UNC Department of Psychiatry and Family Medicine. Her position was created to foster interdisciplinary collaboration between outpatient Psychiatry and Primary Care Providers. As a Behavioral Health Care Manager, Kadijah works as part of an interdisciplinary team, providing brief therapy and case management. Kadijah and her team are trying to reduce hospitalizations and ED utilization among patients. Kadijah helps patients become more confident in their self-management abilities by assisting them in developing skills, coordinating their physical and behavioral health care, and providing wrap around services within their medical home.

According to Kadijah, “UNC PrimeCare provided me with the education I needed, and helped me develop confidence in my ability to excel in my current role. My MSW Internship at UNC Family Medicine exposed me to the importance of integrated behavioral health in primary care settings. While integrated care is still in its infancy in many ways, given its rapid expansion in healthcare, I continue to feel very hopeful about my future working in healthcare settings. UNC PrimeCare coursework and trainings inspired me to work in the field upon graduation.
I encourage new social workers and those who are thinking about joining the UNC PrimeCare program to invest in your future now. Network with everyone who you come in contact with! Learn from your colleagues, professors, and field instructors because they can (and will!) continue to have an important role in your success after graduation. Social workers are valued members of interdisciplinary teams. As advocates for vulnerable populations, our work is crucial and rewarding at the same time.”

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